Chalet Cambra

Web development
Project details

Platform: Silverstripe

Date: 27/03/2015

Online: Chalet Cambra

This project is the institutional web site of a guest house located in the wonderful town of Livigno, Italy. The web site introduces all the customer services in a very delightful and catchy way: it presents detailed information on all the 5 available apartments, provided services, it describes the activities that can be done in the area and the tourists attractions to visit.
Due to the fact that in this tourist area there are specific activities for each season, the design of the website change automatically every season, showing different design elements (for the user interface as well as the info and prices) depending on the current season. The management of all this info and settings can be easily done in the administrator's backoffice area

This project was made in collaboration with ADVMediaStudio.

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