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Platform: Silverstripe

Date: 20/10/2016

Online: Ubooker

UBOOKER is a complex online platform that puts together clients and fashion agencies with models around the world. Models can register and then fill their profile with a variety of information. After a thorough validation procces the models become active and eligible for job offers. Clients pass through a similar process: they register and fill their company info, then after they are validated they can start to search the suitable models for their listed jobs using a precise and thorough set of filters.
The selected models will receive the job offers and once they accept they can be booked. Both clients and models benefit from a strong set of instruments meant to facilitate the booking process, like an intern messaging system. When the job is completed, it can be rated by each involved user. UBOOKER has also an integrated payments framework for all the transactions for completed jobs.
The project includes also an iPhone native app!

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